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The Display menu allows you to control the appearance of objects in your sketch and of the tools you use to work with them.

With these commands you can greatly enhance the visual appeal of a sketch and its effectiveness in communicating the mathematics it embodies. Using appropriate line widths and colors, and hiding some objects while showing others help focus attention on the important parts of a sketch. Properly styled labels and captions help describe the purpose of the sketch and the mathematics behind it. Tracing and animation create dynamic visualizations of your sketch’s underlying principles.

Hide/Show Text PaletteHide/Show ToolboxHide/Show Motion ControllerStop AnimationDecrease SpeedIncrease SpeedAnimate ObjectsErase TracesTrace ObjectsLabel ObjectsShow LabelsShow All HiddenHide ObjectsTextColorLine StylePoint Style

Click the name of any command in the menu to see detailed information about that command.