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This Edit menu command undoes the most recently performed action.

The keyboard shortcut for Undo is Ctrl+Z (Windows) or Z (Mac).

When you hold down the Shift key, the command becomes Undo All.

Use this command in combination with Redo to move backward and forward through your recent Sketchpad actions. Sketchpad’s capability to undo/redo is unlimited: you can use it to undo your actions, one at a time, all the way back to the point at which you created or opened the sketch. Similarly, after undoing, you can redo those actions to restore your sketch to the state it was in before you started undoing.

Unlimited undo/redo is helpful for correcting mistakes — undoing something you didn’t mean to do — or for going back and trying a different approach to a construction — testing a different hypothesis. Unlimited undo is also a way to review your work or someone else’s work step-by-step: Undo back to the beginning, and then redo one step at a time to review each action.

Undo many steps quickly by repeatedly pressing the keyboard shortcut for Undo. Or undo back to the beginning with a single command, by holding down the Shift key and then choosing Undo.