New Function

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New Function

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This Number menu command displays the Calculator and allows you to create a new function in the sketch.

The keyboard shortcut for New Function is Ctrl+F (Windows) or F (Mac).

Use the Calculator's keypad to enter a number, an operation, or the independent variable.

If the coordinate system is rectangular or square, the independent variable is x; if the coordinate system is polar, the independent variable is θ.

Use the Values pop-up menu to enter a selected value, a new parameter, π, or e. You can also create a new parameter using the keyboard shortcut: Shift+Ctrl+P (Windows) or Shift-P (Mac).

Use the Functions pop-up menu to enter standard functions such as absolute value, square root, and trigonometric functions.

Use the Units pop-up menu to enter angle or distance units.

Use the Equation pop-up menu to set the function's display to either y= notation or f(x) notation and to determine the form in which it's graphed.

Click a measurement, calculation, or parameter in the sketch to enter its value into the expression.

Click an already-defined function in the sketch to use it in the expression.

Once you’ve created a function, you can plot it by choosing Graph | Plot Function.

To create a function and plot it with one command, choose Graph | Plot New Function.