Changes Since Release 5.00

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Changes Since Release 5.00

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Several new features have been added to Sketchpad Version 5 since its initial release. The most important new features are described below. Each time you update to the latest version of Sketchpad, look at this page to see what new features are available.

A more detailed list of changes from one version of Sketchpad to another, including minor improvements and bug fixes, is available on the Web at


Sketchpad 5.05 (July 2012)

The new File | Sketchpad Sketch Exchange command provides direct access to collections of sketches from Sketchpad Sketch Exchange™.

Status line messages (in the lower corner of the window) are now more relevant and informative.

Sketchpad is now compatible with Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

Sketchpad is now code-signed for Windows Authenticode and Macintosh Gatekeeper verification.

This release also incorporates various bug fixes.


Sketchpad 5.04 (December 2011)


You can flick or drag parameters up or down to change their values.

Marker Tool:

To erase ink while creating a drawing, hold the Shift key and move over the ink you want to erase. To help identify what ink is erasable, a purple rectangle indicates the bounds of the current ink session, and everything else in the rectangle appears faded. You cannot erase ink that has already been turned into a drawing.

To erase when using a SMART Board, you can also use the eraser (or your open hand with a board that can recognize hand gestures) with no need to hold the Shift key.

SMART Board support:

You can use SMART Board pen colors with the Marker tool, and drag multiple objects independently on multi-touch-capable boards.

Sketchpad Explorer:

Use Sketchpad Explorer to view and manipulate any Sketchpad document on the iPad. Sketchpad Explorer is available from the App store.

This release also incorporates various bug fixes and performance improvements.


Sketchpad 5.03 (December 2010)

This release improves stability and performance.


Sketchpad 5.02 (October 2010)

This release provides improved license support for various registration and installation scenarios.


Sketchpad 5.01 (May 2010)

Special keys:

While editing a parameter's value in an edit frame, press Tab to advance to the next editable parameter value.

With no object selected, press Tab to select a visible object.

With one or more  objects selected, press Tab to select a visible object similar to the most recently selected object.

With one or more objects selected, press Shift+Tab to add a similar object to the selection.

With a single selected action button, press Enter to activate the button. Press Enter a second time to stop the action.

Hot Text:

You can insert an icon of a picture into a Hot Text caption.