Segment, Ray, and Line

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Segment, Ray, and Line

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Selection prerequisites: Two or more points

This Construct menu command constructs a segment, ray, or line through the selected points. ( The Ray command constructs a ray from the first point through the second.) If more than two points are selected, this command constructs the same number of segments, rays, or lines as the number of selected points. (For instance, choosing Line with the four points J, K, L, and M selected will construct the four lines shown in the bottom example.)

The keyboard shortcut for Segment is Ctrl+L (Windows) or L (Mac).

The results of these commands are the same as the results of using the Straightedge tools on the selected points. The commands are particularly useful for constructing multiple straight objects and for making sure that your straight objects go through the proper points.

To quickly construct the sides of a pentagon, hold down the Shift key while you click the Point tool five times. Then choose the Segment command to construct the five sides.

If the pentagon interior has already been constructed, select the interior and choose Edit | Select Parents. Then choose the Segment command.


Selected Objects:

Resulting Construction:


Five points

Five segments




Three points

Three rays


Four points

Four lines