Mark Commands

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Mark Commands

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The first six commands on the Transform menu allow you to mark the objects or values to be used in subsequent basic transformations (Translate, Rotate, Dilate, and Reflect).

Any marked object remains marked until you mark a new object of the same type. For example, you don’t need to mark the same center more than once, no matter how many times you use it as a marked center.


You can use most of the Mark commands whenever your selections include the required object(s) for that mark, even if you have other objects selected as well. Thus, if you’ve selected five polygons you want to dilate, and realize you forgot to mark the center, then you can select your desired center point, without deselecting the polygons, and choose Mark Center. The most recently selected point is marked as the center and removed from your selections, and you can go ahead and choose Dilate for your polygons.

Most objects can also be marked when the transformation dialog box is open, after you choose the transformation command. Click the object itself to mark it, or click in a caption on a Hot Text link to the object.