Mark Distance

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Mark Distance

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Selection prerequisites: Any number of objects including a distance value

This Transform menu command marks the one or two most recently selected distance values (measurements, parameters, or calculations) to be used for future polar and rectangular translations.

To mark a distance:

1. Select one or two distance measurements, parameters, or calculations (ones with distance units, such as centimeters).

2.  Choose Transform | Mark Distance.

The selected distance value(s) will flash briefly to confirm that your distance has been marked.

If you choose Mark Distance with a single selected distance value, this new distance will become the marked distance for polar translation.

If you choose Mark Distance with two selected distance values, the first selected value will become the horizontal distance for rectangular translations, and the second will become the vertical distance.

You can also mark a distance after choosing Translate. With the Translate dialog box open, click a distance value in your sketch.