Scroll Buttons and Properties

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Scroll Buttons and Properties

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A Scroll button scrolls the sketch window so that a specific point in the sketch becomes located either at the window’s center or the window’s upper-left corner.        

Creating and Using a Scroll Button

Use a Scroll button in large sketches to position the window to show a particular part of your sketch.

Select a point and choose Edit | Action Buttons | Scroll to create a Scroll button.

Choose Edit | Properties | Scroll to determine whether the scroll target will be at the window’s center or upper-left corner.

top left corner of the window or in the center of the window..

Scroll Properties

This Properties panel appears only for Scroll action buttons. Use it to scroll the window in which it’s located to show a specific portion of that window. The scrolling action is based on a point, and works in one of two ways: so that the point is at the top-left corner of the window, or so that the point is centered in the window.

The panel appears automatically when you choose Edit | Action Buttons | Scroll to create a button. After you’ve created the button, choose Edit | Properties, or choose Properties from the Context menu, to display the panel again if you want to change the scrolling action.