Opacity Properties

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Opacity Properties

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Translucent objects have an Opacity Properties panel.

Opacity: Use this panel to change the opacity of a translucent object. You can set the opacity on a scale that goes from 0% (completely transparent) to 100% (completely opaque).


In most cases, you cannot make a translucent object completely transparent, because the object would then be invisible. The minimum opacity setting in such cases is 10%. The only objects you can make fully transparent (with an opacity setting of 0%) are angle markers and framed polygons, because even when the interior portion of these objects is transparent, their borders remain visible.

Frame polygon perimeter: This checkbox appears only for polygons. Use it to determine whether a polygon displays its frame. If you want to display only the frame, check this box and then set the polygon itself to be completely transparent. (You can set a polygon to be completely transparent only when its frame is showing. When the frame does not appear, the minimum opacity is 10%.)