Action Buttons

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Action Buttons

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The Edit | Action Buttons submenu contains commands for creating various kinds of action buttons. Action buttons are sketch objects that you can press to perform a previously defined action.

Sometimes you’ll create an action button for your own convenience in working with a sketch, and sometimes you’ll create a button to help present a mathematical feature of your sketch to someone else.

For example, instead of hiding a group of objects by selecting them and choosing Display | Hide Objects, create a Hide/Show button that hides the objects with a single click. Instead of using the Arrow tool to drag point A toward point B, create a Movement button to do it for you.

Most of these commands display a Properties dialog box panel that allows you to specify certain details about the action the button will perform.




Button Description and Properties


One or more objects

Hide or show the selected objects

Hide/Show Buttons and Properties


One or more geometric objects or parameters

Animate the selected objects

Animation Buttons and Properties


One or more pairs of points or values. The first object of each pair must be free to move or vary.

For a pair of points, move the first point toward the second; for a pair of values, vary the first value toward the second

Movement Buttons and Properties


One or more action buttons

Present the action buttons simultaneously or sequentially

Presentation Buttons and Properties


One or two functions or function plots

Make a sound defined by the function(s)

Sound Buttons (No Properties)



Link to another page, another sketch, or a location on the Internet

Link Buttons and Properties


One point

Scroll the window based on the location of the point

Scroll Buttons and Properties