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This Edit menu command pastes the contents of the clipboard into the active sketch.

The keyboard shortcut for Paste is Ctrl+V (Windows) or V (Mac).

If the clipboard contains sketch objects, these objects are inserted into the sketch.

If the clipboard contains a picture, the picture is inserted into the sketch. When you paste a picture, if you have one, two, or three points selected, the picture will be attached to those points.

If you have a picture selected, or a transformed image of a picture, the command becomes Paste Replacement Picture and the pasted picture from the clipboard replaces the original picture.

You can also replace a picture by dragging a picture from another application and dropping it onto the existing picture.

Note: Transparency when Pasting Pictures

When you paste a picture, pure white portions of the picture are fully transparent, so that the background of the sketch (including other objects behind the picture) shows through. Such transparent areas remain fully transparent no matter how you set the opacity of the picture.

To preserve white portions of the picture as white rather than transparent, hold the Shift key while choosing Edit | Paste Picture or dropping the picture into your document. (Once you’ve pasted the picture, use its Opacity Properties to adjust the opacity of the entire picture.)

If the clipboard contains text and you’re editing a caption or other text, the text from the clipboard is inserted into the text you’re editing.