Increase Speed/Decrease Speed

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Increase Speed/Decrease Speed

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This Display menu command increases or decreases by about 25% the animation speed of each object that is both selected and animating, or of all animating objects if nothing is selected.

The keyboard shortcut for Increase Speed is Alt+] (Windows) or ] (Mac); for Decrease Speed it’s Alt+[ (Windows) or [ (Mac).

This command has the same effect as clicking the speed control buttons of the Motion Controller.

If it’s difficult to select the object whose speed you want to change, there are two methods you can use:

Select any moving point by choosing it from the Motion Controller’s Target menu.

Pause animation, select the desired object, and resume animation.

If nothing is selected, these commands change to Increase All Speeds and Decrease All Speeds.

The easiest way to control animation speed separately for multiple animating objects is to create an Animation action button.