How to Show Just One Hidden Object

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How to Show Just One Hidden Object

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In a sketch containing many hidden objects, you may want to show just one or two of those hidden objects. The Display | Show All Hidden command shows all the hidden objects, and once you’ve shown them, it can be a lot of trouble to reselect all of them in order to hide them again.

Here’s a convenient way to show one particular object among many that have been hidden:

1.Choose Display | Show All Hidden.

All previously hidden objects appear and are selected.

2.Using a Selection Arrow tool, click on the object you wish to remain visible, deselecting it.

The object you click is deselected; the other just-shown objects remain selected.

3.Choose Display | Hide.

The remaining selected objects are hidden, and the deselected object remains visible.

Another way to hide or show objects is by using the Hidden checkbox on the Object panel of the Properties dialog box. To display properties for a hidden object, you must first display properties for a parent or child of the hidden object, then choose the desired object from the Parents or Children pop-up menu.

Similarly, you can use the Information tool starting from a parent or child of the hidden object. Use the list of parents or children in the information balloon to navigate to the desired hidden object. Then uncheck the Hidden checkbox. (If the Information balloon doesn't show parents or children, use its Context menu, by right-clicking or Ctrl-clicking, to show them.)