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Text Palette

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Use the Text Palette to format the font, size, style, and color of labels, captions, measurements, and other text. You can also use the Text Palette to insert mathematical symbols and formatting into captions.

The Text Palette can be used:

when you have selected objects in your sketch and one or more of those objects either shows text or has a label. Use the Text Palette to change the appearance of the text or label of each selected object.

when you’re using the Text tool to edit a caption and you have selected text in that caption. Use the Text Palette to change the appearance of the selected text.

Showing, Hiding, and Moving the Text Palette

Normally the Text Palette appears automatically when you edit a caption. You can turn this behavior on or off using Edit | Preferences | Text. To show or hide the Text Palette manually, choose Display | Show Text Palette or Display | Hide Text Palette.

The keyboard shortcut for Show/Hide Text Palette is Shift+Ctrl+T (Windows) or Shift T (Mac).

If you’re using a Windows computer, the Text Palette normally appears attached (or docked) to the bottom of the Sketchpad application window. You can drag it to a different position and leave it either floating or docked to the top or bottom of the window. If you’re using a Macintosh computer, the Text Palette always floats above or beside your document and can be repositioned by dragging its title bar.

On either kind of computer, when the Text Palette is floating, you can hide it by clicking its Close button, and you can move it to a different position on the screen by dragging its title bar.