Line Style

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Line Style

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Selection prerequisite: One or more objects, at least one of which must be a straight object, circle, arc, framed polygon, continuous function plot or point locus, an iterated image of such an object, a tickmark, or an angle marker

This Display menu command sets the line style of each selected object.

Line style includes both width (Hairline, Thin, Medium, Thick) and pattern (Solid, Dashed, Dotted).

When all selected objects share a common line style, a checkmark appears in the submenu next to that style.

When you change the selected object’s line style, Sketchpad remembers your chosen style for future similar objects in the current sketch.

To change an object’s line style without changing the setting for future objects, hold down the Shift key while choosing the command. (You can also uncheck Update automatically when restyling existing objects in Text Preferences to preserve the default line style.)

For tick marks, angle markers, and framed polygons you can set the line width, but you cannot set a pattern.

You cannot change the width of coordinate grid lines; they are always Hairline width. (But you can choose Graph | Dotted Grid to change the coordinate grid to appear as a dotted grid instead of as hairlines.)