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This Display menu command sets the color of each selected object.

1.  Select every object whose color you wish to change.

2.  Choose the desired color from Display | Color.

When you set the color of an object, Sketchpad remembers your chosen color for new objects of the same kind.

To change an object’s color without changing the setting for future objects, hold down the Shift key while choosing the command. (You can also uncheck Update automatically when restyling existing objects in Text Preferences to preserve the default color.)

If you set the color of a caption that has different colors for different characters, choosing this command sets all of the characters to the new color you choose.

If you set the color of a labeled geometric object, the color applies only to the object, not to its label.

To change the color of an object’s label, select the object and then choose the new color from the Text Palette.

Change the color choices available in the Color submenu by using the System panel of the Advance Preferences dialog box.